Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Winner's Portfolio

Nikki Udani
(Pinoy Wannabe Season One Winner)

Photographer / Art Director : Ethan Yamamoto
Assistant Photographer : Mikee Fabros
Location : Quezon Province

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Nikki Udani Wins Pinoy Wannabe

16-year old Nikki Udani from Quezon City was named the winner of Pinoy Wannabe.Congratulations Nikki!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Let's Compare the Final 2

Now that we know our Final 2:
Jana and Nikki,
Let’s compare their portfolios.
Who do you think is the best and the weakest of the two?

Pre-Show Photos

Pre-Show Headshots

Pilot Episode : Wanna Be On Top?Judges Eyes:
Jana (1st) Nikki (5th)

Episode 1 : Let's Pose For A BreakJudges Eyes:
Jana (2nd) Nikki (1st)

Episode 2 : Wannabe On The CoverJudges Eyes:
Jana (1st) Nikki (3rd)

Episode 3 : D'GraffitiJudges Eyes:
Jana (2nd) Nikki (3rd)

Episode 4 : Standout!Judges Eyes:
Jana (4th) Nikki (3rd)

Episode 5 : Poses & PaintsJudges Eyes:
Jana (1st) Nikki (3rd)

Episode 6 : Lights! Camera! Action!Judges Eyes:
Jana (1st) Nikki (2nd)

Speculate who you think will win.