Friday, September 9, 2011

Pilot Episode : Love Angel Music Baby

For their first photo-shoot challenge, the girls did a nature bohemian-inspired shoot with Ethan Yamamoto. At judging Nova bags the "Best Photo Challenge" while some girls didn't perform well. But it was Celina's lack of emotion and creativity on her photo that made the judges agreed her photo was the weakest out of the bunch and she was eliminated. 9 girls remain, who will be eliminated next?

Photographer / Art Director : Ethan Yamamoto
Stylist : Pib cap
Designer : Ann Lorio
Production Assistants:
Karlo Nobleza
Justin BaƱez
Otep Bernabe
Denise Granada

Callout Order:
Nova (Best Photo)








Rina (Bottom 2)

Celina (Eliminated)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Phoebe's Winning Portfolio Shoot in Subic

Photography : Ethan Yamamoto
Designer/Accessories : Renz Pangilinan
Stylist : Maureen Manuel

Phoebe with PW Season 1 Winner Nikki Udani

Dress by : Maricar Kobayashi

Swimsuit by : Cocomo

Dress by : Renz Pangilinan

Swimsuit by : Cocomo

Special thanks to : Charles Rodulfo, Robee Sunga, Allen Nabablit, Joel Escober, Jackie Penalosa, Maricar Kobayashi, Xernan Orticio, Ayesa Calibugar and Ai Wei.