Friday, January 9, 2009

Erika Quits Pinoy Wannabe

After Sheky's surprise elimination last week, the whole gang was shocked by Erika's decision to quit Pinoy Wannabe.

"Maybe this isn't the right thing for me. I'm actually more into beauty pageants so perhaps that is the right track i should pursue. The decision I made was really hard because I've learned alot from here since day 1 and I'm gonna miss everybody including the girls. It was something I was thinking about, probably one week before we did the pilot shoot, I discussed it with Ethan, and Ethan told me I shouldn't do it. He told me I should wait it out and see how far I make it but this competition was really stressful and I also got loads of school works to do but I wanna thank everyone including Ethan for the patience and motivation, Pibs and Pat for the whole support, the girls-I'm gonna miss you guys and especially to those who voted for me! Thank you so much!" -Erika Syhongpan

Despite Erika quitting, the remaining girls will still have to face elimination for Episode 1's photo-judging. 8 girls remain. Chinky, Grysh, Karen, Jana, Nikki, Nox, Twinkle, and Vanessa. Who will be eliminated next?

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tentenpatricio said...

she looks pretty here. UBER.