Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Episode 1: Let's Pose For A Break

The wannabe's were challenged to pose for their first official photoshoot in Muntinlupa City. The real drama began when Nox failed to show up during the shoot, while Twinkle was horribly late. The tension between Chinky and Pat, on the other hand, went from bad to worse when Pat brought up the "make-up issue" to the panel during photo-judging. Here are the photos from that photoshoot in call-out order from top (best photo) to bottom. The final ranking, as usual, was based on the Panel scores (50%) and the online voting results (50%).

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Photographer: Ethan Yamamoto
Assistant Photographer: Charles Rodulfo
Production Head: Justin BaƱez
Creative Wardrobe Stylist: Pib Cap

Head MUA: Pat Largoza

Make-up Artist: Ashley
Hair Stylists: Joel Madrigal & Kim Akara

Creative Team
Tenten Patricio
Xexe Gianan
Jujj' Padin

. : : : . B E S T .. P H O T O . : : : .







(did not make it on time)
. : : : . E L I M I N A T E D . : : : .

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jack is jack said...
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jack is jack said...

Nikki is so pretty! good angle:) she looks like a modern Goddess here... :)

mrbeybs said...

go Nikki! Our vote is yours!

ms.loida said...

Nikki, goodluck! make your mama proud!
from ms.loida of sucat

A Place to Shop....A place to work and a Place to sell.. said...

Georgous NIKKI! so cute! i love it!

isipipis said...

wow, ang creative

grysh's shot is nice
nikki is HOT

but vanessa gets my vote

i like the concept, i like the projection, the contrasting color of ebony skin on white cloth, and the naturistic feel of it.