Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Episode 2 : The Manang Project

On this week's episode, the modeltestants had to portray different kinds of renaissance "Manang's" on the woods. At the photo shoot the girls experienced difficulty getting into character, leaving all feeling vulnerable. At judging, Jace was commented for a stunning photo, though it was noted that it was essentially an accident, and that she required continual coaching from Ethan. Phoebe was told that she produced a photo that did her beauty justice. Mara was once again criticized for her lack of versatility, presence and appearance in person, and for looking too "flat" in her photo. Though she produced a good photo, the judges expressed disappointment for her inability to take instruction because she did not capture the correct theme; this put her in the bottom two with Anne, but with her third consecutive bottom two appearance, Mara was eliminated and Anne was given another chance.

Photographer / Art Director : Ethan Yamamoto
Assistant Photographer : Charles Rodulfo







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