Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pinoy Wannabe : Season 4 (Casting Call)

Think you've got what it takes to be the next Pinoy Wannabe?

Eligibility Requirements
+ You must be female and 16 -22 years of age.
+ You must be atleast five feet and six inches (5'6") in height, although Panels reserve the right to make case-by-case exceptions.
+ You must be a Filipino citizen and live just around Metro Manila and can travel to the south.
+ You must be in excellent physical and mental health.
+ Previous applicants (season one, season two & season three) need not apply. Only one application per season please.
+ If you are chosen to be a participant, it is your responsibility to make any necessary arrangements with your schedules, school, work and family.
+ Applications MUST be written clearly or typed and MUST be accompanied by your setcard/photos/videos and an essay why you think you should be the next Pinoy Wannabe. (minimum of 4 clear photos)
+ Please indicate your contact numbers.

The essay must meet the following restrictions:
Length: Maximum length of (300) words.

The essay should be able to answer the following questions:
+ Who are you?
+ Why do you want to join Pinoy Wannabe?
+ What are the characteristics of a good model?
+ Why do you think you should be the next Pinoy Wannabe?

E-mail those applications at

Note: This competition does NOT collect money from its participants and there is no registration fees or any kind of fees for that matter.


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