Sunday, August 1, 2010

Episode 4 : Oh No You Didn't Girl!

For this week's photo shoot challenge, the girls were taken to a home studio to portray "Lady Assasins". Meanne turned the tables and delivered the best shot this week, Anne also did well. However Phoebe and Princess were placed in the bottom two - both for their mediocre shots. The judges perceived Princess's personality as being washed out and forgettable. Phoebe's photo and personality shone brighter because in the end, Princess gets the boot due to her inability to transfer her personality into a photo. The competition get's tighter and tougher. It's now down to the final 3. Meanne, Anne and Phoebe, who will get the next boot?

Photographer : Charles Rodulfo
Art Director : Ethan yamamoto
HMUA : Krista Barbara
Wardrobe : Ann Lorio





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