Sunday, August 8, 2010

Episode 6 : Put Your Best Face Forward

The final three met Ethan & Charles to shoot their "Light & Bright" beauty shot, where they met last season's winner Nikki Udani. First up was Phoebe, whose natural enthusiasm shone through. While Anne once again started off with bland shots, she finally turned on the charm for a great delivery, while Meanne struggled with her being over-prepared. During panel, Phoebe once again shone with her blissful look and strong shot, as well as her strong film, while Anne delivered a passionate shot. Meanne, affected by her earlier performance, stumbled in her shoot. The judges believe that Meanne has failed to live up to her past performances, and Anne's passion was still questioned. Ultimately, Meanne joined Phoebe as the final two as Anne was eliminated.

Photographer / Art Director : Ethan Yamamoto

Assistant Photographer : Charles Rodulfo




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